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The Keofitt Deal

To distribute world class solutions to manufacturing companies within the brewery, food and pharmaceutical industries is, of course, a challenge requiring a professional effort.

Keofitt’s many loyal clients all over the world, from equipment to brand manufacturers, act as guarantors for safe test sampling. Thus, Keofitt is also always interested in adding quality and commitment to the dealer network.

Keofitt’s distributors/dealers are characterised by;

In recognition of the sales effort Keofitt will add value to the business through the very positive perception of the Keofitt name. More tangibly, it gives access to a sound and growing customer base and Keofitt provides detailed and thoroughly professional support for the sales and marketing efforts.

Should you want to discuss the possibilities of becoming a Keofitt dealer please contact Dennis Böhme, sales manager on phone: +45 6316 7080 or by e-mail to: db@keofitt.dk