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Milestones in Keofitt history

1979/1980 As the first of its kind Master brewer Kai Ottung designs the Combi Valve. A combination of a steamable sampling valve and a septum. A year later Keofitt Aps is founded.
1987 Membrane Sampling Valve (MSV) with interchangeable bodies and heads is introduced.
1989 M4 and W6 are introduced. They comply with American 3-A and FDA standards.
1990 W9 valve replaces W6 and W8 valves
1991 Keofitt becomes part of Union Engineering Group
1995 EHEDG based test approval for sterilizing (SIP)
2000 Management Buy Out by Henrik Lysgaard Salomon and Dopak Sampling Systems
2001 W15 valve for high vicousity products are introduced
2001 EHEDG Certification
2002 W25 valve for high viscosity products are introduced
2002 PTFE membrane available for all valves
2003 Aseptic Sampling System is designed to secure reliable samples all the way from the point of sampling to the laboratory
2007 Keofitt presents the Reflex Valve, a new valve that controls both the sampling and the sterilization process
2007   Management Buy Out by Henrik Lysgaard Salomon
2008   Keofitt presents the Simplex Valve, a new CIP-able sampling valve
Today   30 years young, Keofitt has supplied more than 150,000 sampling valves to satisfied customers around the world through its net of distributors in more than 70 countries.