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This is where you find everything you need to complete your sampling system: Whether you are looking for aseptic bottle assemblies to receive, contain and transport your sample while maintaining its integrity, quick couplings fitting your KEOFITT sample valves, septums for needle sampling or spare parts you will find the widest selection to choose from right here!


The KEOFITT SESAME Sampling Valve is KEOFITT’s newest and patented dual-seat sampling valve. Truly unique in the market, it offers optimal CIP and SIP conditions while also incorporating steam supply control and completely eliminating the steam inlet dead-space in other designs.


Finally an upgrade from ordinary, non-hygienic sampling cocks, this valve is EHEDG certified to be CIP-able with process CIP.

True to the Keofitt concept, it is available with various process and sample outlet connections with manual or pneumatic operation.

If what you need is a simple process CIP-able sampling valve supported by EHEDG certification; choose Simplex!


Coaxial steam sterilizable design with separate inlet for SIP and CIP: The reference for hygienic and microbiological sampling for three decades, this is the original, in-situ sterilizable sampling valve that continues to  revolutionize the field of sterile sampling.

Refined over the years, it remains the most popular and best selling valve in the market by far. It is based on Keofitt’s unique, patented membrane and is used in more than 150,000 sampling points worldwide everyday.

Available in four models and sizes: M4 (ID 4 MM), W9 (ID 9 MM), W15 (ID 15MM) and W25 (ID 25MM).

How to select your Keofitt® sampling product

The KEOFITT® sampling product range is designed to cover the most common needs for hygienic sampling of liquids in most industries. Most products are industrially universal and available in different combinations to fit your exact needs in terms of both size, installation method, operation method and connections for steam and CIP lines as well as sampling bags etc. For ease of use we have divided our products into 4 categories represented by the 4 product icons:

For microbiological sampling: The ORIGINAL, in-situ sterilizable KEOFITT valve
Fulfilling a huge gap in the market: Simply sanitary sampling, only CIP-able with process CIP.
Two valves in one: The next-generation standard for microbiological sampling with incorporated SIP/CIP control.
Sampling bottles, septums, fittings, spare-parts etc.