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Competitive Products

General observation

There are several sampling devices in the market place that have clearly been designed - to the extent possible -based on the original Keofitt design. However, the essential part of the design and workmanship differences are inside where you cannot see them. Trust us! Copies are never as good as the original! When evaluating competitive products it is important to understand that the capability to lead steam and CIP through the valve does not mean that the valve is sterilizable or CIP-able, far from it.

These valves often have very poor surface and welding quality inside. Another problem is that the steam does not reach the right temperature because of design and condensation inside the valve. Naturally, it is practically impossible to take all these parameters into account when choosing the right valve. Instead, we recommend that the hygienic design and the sterilizability and CIP-ability are documented by means of official tests and authorizations. The most important examples are the American 3A authorization and the European EHEDG steam and CIP tests performed by authorized laboratories. Do not choose sampling equipment without 3A and EHEDG test reports and certificates.