Arla Foods - Branderup Dairy

Established 17 April 2000, Arla Foods amba is the result of the merger between the Danish MD Foods and the Swedish Arla; the first merger between two co-operatives from two different countries. Arla Foods is owned by approx. 17,000 Danish and Swedish milk producers who supply milk to the group. With reception of approx. 7 billion kilos of milk and a turnover of approx. DKK 36 billion, Arla Foods is Europe's largest dairy group.

"the product is unique and the people are on their toes"

At Branderup Dairy, one of MD FOODS ultramodern dairies in Jutland, Ejvind Skødt, Dairy Engineer, is very clear about why he prefers the Keofitt system.

"We were not sure that our previous system was absolutely safe, when it came to sterile sampling, and as we had to be 100% sure, we analysed every alternative on the world market till we turned to Keofitt where we felt absolutely safe. Today our experience with the people at Keofitt is very positive. Their degree of service, follow-up and creativity is top class, and I recommend their systems to my colleagues in our trade."

Ejvind Skødt, Dairy engineer
Arla Foods, Branderup Dairy