Safe Brew Sampling Eliminates Bottlenecks

Skands Bryggeriet is one of Denmark’s most quality conscious micro breweries. For each step of the brewing process, Skands has chosen to introduce the quality solution that ensures the purest and most tasteful quality beer. In Skands’ opinion, sterile microbiological test sampling with Keofitt valves is the only way to eliminate any doubt about possible infectious contamination in the finished brew.

If safe sterile test sampling is lacking, the brewer will not know whether it is the sampling, the test or the actual brew that is contaminated.

Sterile samples ensure clean beer

The many varieties of Skands’ beers flow from the copper vats to the bottles in closed circuits, guaranteeing good hygiene. Keofitt’s W9 sterile valves, mounted on all yeast and storage tanks are used for sterile sampling. The combination of a clean fermentation environment and completely sterile and representative samples ensures total microbiological purity control thereby eliminating any possible risk of contamination.

The proof of the pudding for Skands’ quality brewing lies in that the sterile microbiological samples are transported in Keofitt’s aseptic flasks, which maintain sterile conditions right through to laboratory analysis. The same valves are also used for non-sterile samples to measure the gravity of the beer and check on the fermentation process. Once the fermentation and maturing of the brew is completed, the totally uncontaminated beer will be bottled on air tight, sterile bottles that will maintain the beer’s clean and sound substance.

Computerised brewing process ensures consistent brewing

Correct control of the brewing process ensures the production of consistent beer. One of Germany’s most experienced builders of breweries, Kaspar Schulz AG, has supplied the ultra-modern brewery, complete with two large copper tanks and nine 3,700 litre fermentation and storage tanks, all connected to and controlled by a fully automated computer system.

With the help of the graphical display on the brewing equipment, the brew master is in control of every brewing process simply by using a few commands, regardless of whether it is German, English, Belgian, Czech or Danish brewing traditions that are being used. The complete Kaspar Schulz installation allows for the brew master to experiment in the best possible way, and at the same time to ensure the best quality control all the way through brewing process.

It does not matter how many new ingredients are added, or alternative brewing methods used, Skands’ brew master with sterile samples will always be able to eliminate every bacterial contamination of the finished product. Complete control of the brewing process and sterile test sampling ensures that Skands provides completely consistent and completely pure beer.

”Sterile sampling with Keofitt’s valves is the only completely safe way to eliminate any doubt about contamination of the end product. Just as great taste characterizes good beer for Skands, so does completely bacteria-free process hygiene constitute an absolute quality