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Build on the Keofitt Quality

No one is safer than the Keofitt customer

Consumers, the authorities and brand manufacturers all demand the ultimate quality when it comes to the processes and products that may impact on the human organism.

In today’s transparent marketplace any defects or shortcomings in the process equipment that produces foods, drinks and pharmaceuticals will no doubt be exposed and demands for improvements will be made.

The way of the future

A sterile microbiological sample is the sampling technology of the future irrespective of industry, and Keofitt is already considered as industry standard in this field.

The equipment manufacturer, who thinks of his own, his clients' and the end users’ needs by integrating Keofitt’s sampling quality standards already at the planning stage, will achieve a distinctive and long-term competitive edge.

Working with a world leader is a win-win situation

Cooperation with Keofitt will ensure that your equipment will meet requirements for sterile sampling irrespective of what you produce, how and in what quantities.

A precondition for safe analysis is sterile sampling, which again is a precondition for durable and safe end products. Therefore, test sampling requirements need to be incorporated already at the design stage.

Only quality counts – we know how

The consumers expect drinks that always taste the same and they require dairy products and foods that live up to stringent demands to taste and durability. They want pharmaceuticals, processed in such a way that they can be validated and documented step by step. Irrespective of what quality requirements your clients and the consumers have, you can profit from Keofitt’s long experience and thorough understanding of sterile test sampling.