KEOFITT history

The KEOFITT journey began all the way back in 1980 by founder, engineer and brewer Kai Ottung.
Kai Ottung worked with breweries around the world to improve product quality and in doing so he developed a unique product range for sterile sampling in breweries. Eventually this expanded into more liquid industries; soft drinks, food and medical industry.

Kai Ottung’s revolutionary invention was an inline sterilizable sampling valve. A valve invented to make sure the product samples came out clean and sterilized. Thereby giving the operator/brewer a representative sample of their product. This valve became the very foundation of KEOFITT.

Innovation & development

KEOFITT continues to develop new sampling solutions and improve current product portfolio. KEOFITTs main goal is to provide the customer with hygienic and sterile samplings solutions, and we will continue to deliver high quality sampling solutions in the future, as we have done for the past 40 years, when Kai Ottung started the KEOFITT journey.

All we do is sampling.  

Local and global

KEOFITT is founded and made primarily in Denmark. Our head office is located in the southern part of Denmark and 95% of all product production is carried out in Denmark.
Our distributor program is global and we sell KEOFITT sampling solutions to 60 countries around the world, making KEOFITT a global player in the world of sampling.

KEOFITT was bought out by Henrik Lysgaard Salomon in 2000 and have since then been managed and operated by Henrik until his untimely passing in 2021.

Today KEOFITT is an independent company owned by Mette Lysgaard Salomon.