Food & Dairy

Finally, a sampling specialist that makes sampling equipment adapted to the industry

At Keofitt we pride ourselves with the fact that “All we do is sampling.” This is still true now more than 40 years after the company was founded. Being the world market’s only true specialist Keofitt has developed the widest and deepest product range available for hygienic, sterile and aseptic sampling of liquids in various industries.

Modern food-production must fulfil increasingly strict demands from the authorities and consumers regarding food health and safety. The key to effective traceability is therefore to isolate the critical factors. That is why you should make sure you can always rely on your sample to be representative and uncompromised. Whether you want to sample milk, yogurt, jam, syrup, ketchup or baby food, Keofitt has a sampling valve that is suitable for your application. We took our classic valve design and upscaled it to meet the demands from the food and dairy industry.

You should make sure you can always rely on your sample to be representative and uncompromised

Why should sampling procedures be more cumbersome, time-consuming and riskier than necessary? Our innovative sampling offerings, which include new sampling valves, new equipment for cleaning and sterilization of the valves and closed sample collection systems, enable you to take representative and uncompromised samples without the risks currently undertaken. Our equipment is widely certified, including 3-A certification and used by multiple customers all around the globe.