Pharma and Biotech & Personal Care and Cosmetics

Finally, a sampling specialist that makes sampling equipment adapted to the industry

At Keofitt we pride ourselves with the fact that “All we do is sampling.” This is still true now more than 40 years after the company was founded. Being the world market’s only true specialist Keofitt has developed the widest and deepest product range available for hygienic, sterile and aseptic sampling of liquids in various industries.

Biotechnology manufacturing processes such as those used within the pharmaceutical industry, often involve fermentation processes that must be checked regularly in order to prevent contamination by undesirable microorganisms. In order to ensure that the sample which is extracted for testing is identical to the content of the fermentation tank and has not been infected by unwanted microorganisms during the actual sampling procedure, the sampling process must be performed under sterile conditions. Our widely certified and documented sterile sampling systems are well-suited for such critical sampling applications.

The sampling process must be performed under sterile conditions

Critical sampling applications are not limited to pharma and biotech but expand into the personal care and cosmetics industry as well. Whether you want to sample shampoo, creams, lotions or perfume, Keofitt has an aseptic sampling valve that is suitable for your application.