Who is Keofitt?

A genius man and his brilliant invention

The Keofitt steam-sterilizable sampling valve was the result of a pioneer working unbowed to create a device capable of solving the very problems within process liquid sampling. However, it was and still is a device few people are aware they need. That did not stop the pioneer, and in his spirit, that does not stop us. Kai Ottung was an engineer and brewmaster. He knew he had a problem with his process sampling when brewing beer. He and his colleagues worldwide were unsure if their samples were representative or had been compromised by contamination. Kai Ottung had an idea how to solve this.

Alone in his garage he worked on his revolutionary project. Although a lot of people were shaking their heads because, why make something no one needs, Kai Ottung knew the reality was different. He put his heart and soul into the brewing process and therefore knew sampling had to be done correctly. In 1980 he presented his invention to the world and subsequently Keofitt ApS was founded. Kai Ottung alongside with his wife was confident about the success of the valve, and thus incorporated themselves in the company name: Kai Eva Ottung and Fitting: K+E+0+FITT makes up KEOFITT.

By creating the inline sterilizable sampling valve that became the Keofitt valve, Kai Ottung made sure you can sterilize between samples and therefore always trust your sample to be representative. The brilliant functionality and quality of this particular valve quickly sent it around the world and its success speaks for itself. The number of Keofitt-valves in use today only speaks to Kai Ottung’s legacy.

Kai Ottung was very dedicated to better and safer sampling and he constantly worked on improving his valve. This spirit and dedication are what still identify Keofitt today. All we ever do is sampling, and sampling is no joke to us. We strive to only deliver the very best in sampling equipment and we take our standpoint in Kai Ottung’s valve. We have improved the valve per latest technology and we developed new sampling equipment that fits and is usable with the original sampling valve. We have always been and will always be dedicated to better representative sampling.

Milestones in Keofitt history
As the first of its kind Master brewer Kai Ottung designs the Combi Valve. A combination of a steamable sampling valve and a septum. A year later Keofitt ApS is founded.
Kai Ottung is awarded with a prize for his ground-breaking invention, the Combi Valve. It is the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva that awards Kai Ottung for his innovative valve.
Membrane Sampling Valve (MSV) with interchangeable bodies and heads is introduced.
M4 and W6 are introduced. They comply with American 3-A and FDA standards.
Keofitt becomes part of Union Engineering Group.
W8 is introduced.
EHEDG based test approval for sterilizing (SIP).
The W9 valve is introduced with the intention that it will eventually replace W6 and W8.
Management Buy Out by Henrik Lysgaard Salomon and Dopak Sampling Systems.
W15 valve for high viscosity products is introduced and EHEDG Certification.
W25 valve for high viscosity products is introduced PTFE membrane available for all valves.
Aseptic Sampling System is designed to secure reliable samples all the way from the point of sampling to the laboratory.
Keofitt presents the Reflex Valve, a new valve that controls both the sampling and the sterilization process.
Management Buy Out by Henrik Lysgaard Salomon.
Keofitt presents the Simplex Valve, a new CIP-able sampling valve.
Keofitt presents the Keofitt Sampling Bags as a s single-use solution to the cumbersome and difficult task of taking a representative sample and bringing it safe and clean from the sampling point to the laboratory.
Keofitt introduces the next generation sampling valve; The Sesame valve.
Keofitt presents two new valves to the market: The small and convenient 4KAI and the CIP-able Basix. The two valves are meant to eventually replace M4 and Simplex.
43 years young, Keofitt has supplied more than 300,000 sampling valves to satisfied customers around the world through its net of distributors in more than 70 countries.