Sesame sets the new standard at Anuga

For the food industry there is little doubt the Anuga FoodTec is one of the most important shows. Like-wise it only makes sense to have an important partner like Keofitt exhibiting once again. And the outcome was great

“For Keofitt, Anuga is the major place to meet up with customers from the food and dairy industry.”

Keofitt Sales Manager Dennis Böhme puts special interest in his comments about what Anuga FoodTec means to a company like Keofitt. It is not the first time exhibiting at Anuga in Cologne for Keofitt, but this year Keofitt exhibited with a new booth design. The design is more interactive and allows Keofitt to put focus on a few key issues they wanted to address.

The exhibition itself has already released the numbers and the total outcome is record-worthy. With more than 50,000 visitors from more than 150 countries, Anuga FoodTec truly was the international success it was meant to be. This high visitor turnout was also reflected in Keofitt’s impression of the show:

“Anuga is quite an international show so we had visitors from more than 30 countries, talks in the hundreds and many, many solid leads. There is no doubt in my mind the outcome from the show will be great,” Dennis Böhme explains.

Keofitt once again highlighted the recently developed sampling valve; Sesame. It is generally believed to be the sampling valve of the future. Along with the new valve, visitors had a keen interest in three other items present at the Keofitt booth:

“Besides the obviously enormous interest in Sesame, we also saw customers asking quite a few questions about our CIP Recirculator, which together with our Sesame valve will solve most problems you might encounter in the sampling procedure,” Dennis Böhme explains.

It will tell you the truth about your sample every single time you sample

The Sesame differs from the original Keofitt sampling valve by shutting off the cleaning inlet when sampling. It raises the bar for sampling safety for not only the operator, but the process as well. If operated as designed, it will tell you the truth about your sample every single time you sample. You will no longer have cross-contamination, such as airborne contamination accidently streaming into your process. Products aside, Dennis Böhme points out a few other on-site items visitors found extremely interesting:

“We had our Virtual Reality display with us again and this was a great learning experience for everyone trying it. We also went a more old-school way and created a newspaper. An actual newspaper where we address some of the most important issues we have come across in our many encounters with the world of sampling. The newspaper was pretty popular, and we are still happy to send out more to people interested in reading it,” Dennis Böhme underlines with confidence leaving little doubt Keofitt truly is the world leader when it comes to sterile sampling.

With an extremely positive experience from the Anuga FoodTec and its efficient means to reach a large audience quickly, there is no doubt Keofitt will be back in three years.