Just like a well-made beer, the Drinktec never goes out of style

Keofitt was once again present at this year’s Drinktec. The excellent participation and successful outcome of the exhibition leaves no question: We’ll be back

“This year’s Drinktec was the best we ever had.”

The words flow easily from Keofitt Sales Manager Dennis Böhme when asked about his experience with the recently passed Drinktec 2017. Keofitt has been present at Drinktec in Munich for many, many years, but this year Keofitt went all in with a bigger booth with interactive events on the booth. This payed off in the end and you might even say, Keofitt went with the flow.

With 76,000 visitors from 170 countries, Drinktec has seen a rise in all numbers from total visitors, international visitors to exhibitors as well. For Keofitt too this trend was notable:

“Drinktec is the biggest show for this industry, it is bound to be very international, and we clearly had the same experience as what Drinktec has described; more international visitors than usual,” Dennis explains.

Keofitt made a dramatic increase in booth size this year, because of an increase in equipment and ideas to present. Besides a wide product range of sampling equipment, we dedicated quite a large area to our new-founded Sampling School and our “Sampling Virtual Reality” display. We also put a great deal of emphasis on highlighting and promoting our new valve product which we believe is the next generation in sampling valve: The Sesame valve. Both the school, virtual reality and Sesame promotion attracted visitors and generated a range of discussions and dialogue that it speaks to Keofitt’s overall success at Drinktec.

The dialogues and discussions Keofitt had the week of Drinktec reflects the conversations they have had for nearly 40 years. Keofitt is believed to be the preeminent authority on sanitary sampling, simply because of the focus and dedication to supply nothing but sampling valves to the industries where it is critical.

There is no doubt in my mind that with the safety features Sesame adds for the user and the production, truly it is the sampling valve for today and in to the future

“Our general thinking was it would be relevant to establish a sampling school to promote the topic of sampling and further promote dialogue about what we have seen and heard from 30+ years of customer discussions. Sampling procedure and equipment is still an underserved area today as it ever was. We believe we can take you further in your sampling protocol than any other company out there today. This is something we wanted to underline and we did at Drinktec with what we believe was a great outcome. We also want to be first-movers when it comes to new technologies and ways to promote our products – that’s why we have virtual reality where you can literally see for yourself the problems with improper sampling valves and procedures. And of course, I should underline the huge interest we saw in the Sesame valve. There is no doubt in my mind that with the safety features it adds for the user and the production, truly it is the sampling valve for today and in to the future,” says Dennis.

The trademarked Keofitt Sesame valve allows the user to steam sterilize the valve without the risk of leaving it open into the production. Then, when sampling the steam-inlet is closed of making sure there will be no accidental steaming of the sample nor the production. To top it all of it add a great amount of safety for the user. Quite simply; it will not allow the user to make a mistake that will be damaging to both the user and the production.

Given the tremendous success Keofitt had at Drinktec 2017 and the enormous interest in the Sesame valve shown by all visitors, there is no doubt Keofitt will be back in 2021.