Obituary: The untimely passing of Henrik

Learning that Henrik passed away filled us with great sorrow and remorse.

It was a grim day the day we learned Henrik Salomon passed away in his sleep on the 29th of September. Henrik’s untimely passing was and still is a great chock and unpleasant surprise to say the least. With 60 just around the corner, Henrik was obviously not done living; many more adventures were still awaiting him.


Henrik was an entrepreneur to the bone. He began his career as a forklift driver, but realized his potential lay elsewhere. As the first in his family, he went to university from where he graduated in 1987 with a master’s degree in business, language, and culture. Henrik had an interest in the relationship between business and people, and this is what he put to good use. He was employed as Sales Manager at Keofitt in 1994, when Keofitt was part of the Union Engineering Group. Henrik’s first big sale was to a large, world-famous beverage company that had its sirup-factory located in Costa Rica. “This is going to be easy,” Henrik said to himself after landing the sale, but as it turned out the factory had huge problems with their sampling equipment, and Henrik could vastly improve their sampling procedures by selling them Keofitt-valves. Quickly, this became his great passion: sampling improvement.


So much so he persuaded his wife Mette to let him buy the company. He did so in 2000 along with Dopak Sampling Systems, which Henrik in 2007 bought out too. Keofitt was now completely privately owned by Henrik and Mette. The mission was clear and the ambitions high. Henrik wanted to change the world of sampling for the better by teaching the world the Keofitt-way. With his Dream Team assembled he was ready to conquer the world of sampling, and frankly, in our humble opinion, he did.


Henrik had drive, spirit, and courage. He believed in the project and that the mission would succeed. A lot happened in the 21 years Henrik was in the front seat, and a lot is bound to happen the next 21 years. Keofitt is Henrik’s legacy. His Dream Team will of course honor that legacy and everything Henrik stood for. Keofitt and the mission will continue, we owe that to Henrik.