How can your sampling procedure be optimized?

If you agree proper education in sampling is long overdue and has your interest been awaken then look no further, The Keofitt Sampling School™ may very well be what you need. Read through this section to see what we offer

If you go about and realize you have problems with your sampling procedure, and also fully understand you need to do something about this, look no further, you have found the experts. Keofitt is dedicated to improving sampling procedures worldwide by offering our excellent sampling school. The Keofitt Sampling School is where you go to optimize your sampling procedure; we will not tell you when and what to sample, but we will help you improve your sampling procedure and choose the correct sampling equipment.


Process Sampling

Sampling has travelled a long way from being a simple activity into somewhat of a science


Can you handle the truth?

Taking a representative sample is no easy task. Incorrect instructions do not make it easier. Take a look around this section, as well as the website in general, and learn how to sample, and how not to sample


Optimizing: Why Do We Need Sampling Education?

The industry’s lack of knowledge, inconsistency and a careless approach to sampling was a wake-up call for Keofitt. Dedicated to nothing but better samples, Keofitt found proper education was long overdue

What we offer is:

  • On-site meeting with the Keofitt experts
  • Professional review of the current sampling equipment and procedure
  • Effective and practical hands-on training for operators
  • Establishing new standard operating procedures (SOP) for each application
  • Presentation of latest technologies in sampling

Our goal is to ensure the quality of your samples, increase the safety level for the operator and minimize the waste of product.

The Keofitt Sampling School™ is where you go to optimize your sampling procedure

Keofitt has the confidence and know-how to go out and offer Sampling School sessions due to many years of experience and focus on this one area alone. Keofitt is a dedicated liquid sampling company with more than 300,000 valves installed worldwide. To date we have had at least 500,000 customer meetings, distributor meetings, conferences, tradeshows and seminars discussing nothing else but the ways and means to take safe, qualitative and representative samples. 

From these many meetings, we have learned a great deal about taking samples in a sanitary, sterile and safe way. With our experience over the last four decades, we consider ourselves knowledgeable enough to put together what we have learned in the format of a Sampling School to share this knowledge and continue to initiate and learn more about the subject of sanitary and aseptic liquid sampling. We strive for the best samples and are now offering to share our knowledge with you.


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