Can you handle the truth?

Taking a representative sample is no easy task. Incorrect instructions do not make it easier. Take a look around this section, as well as the website in general, and learn how to sample, and how not to sample

The world of sampling is unfortunately filled with ignorance, indifference and a lack of proper legislation and regulation pointing towards what correct sampling should be. Given the Wild West conditions people are left with fabricating their own ways of sampling based on nothing but incomplete experience.

Keofitt holds four decades of experience in sterile sampling. We know what we are talking about when we talk about sampling. After long and careful data-collection we have discovered there is a lot of careless, wrongful and dangerous notes, instructions and videos out there suggesting how you should go about and take a sample from your production. Given our experience and expertise in this area we could not let all of this go by in silence. We need to comment. We need to correct it. We need to change the discourse. We need to educate.

This section is meant as a place for education, but education in good spirits and with the classic humorous approach characterizing Keofitt. The section is dynamic in the sense that we intend to frequently update it with new videos, commentary, comic strips or academic-like papers. We intend to not only show you what representative sampling should be, but also show you what it definitely should not be.