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Coaxial steam sterilizable design with separate inlet for SIP and CIP: The reference for hygienic and microbiological sampling for four decades, this is the original, in-situ sterilizable sampling valve that continues to revolutionize the field of sterile sampling.

Classic W9

The W9™ is the standard Keofitt® sampling valve, the valve others are measured to. Designed for sampling medium viscosity products, with particles up to 3 mm in diameter, if fitted with PTFE membrane and 2mm when fitted with silicone or EPDM membrane. W9™ valves are mostly used for products that have about 0-1,000cP in viscosity.

The W9™ valve is used in a range of applications such as breweries, dairies, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, with wide range of products such as:

Unprocessed Milk
Medical solutions
Filtered and unfiltered beer
Creams and lotions

And much more

The W9™ valves come with a variety of valve bodies and heads that fit most situation. The bodies come with welded or clamp connection, the heads come with diffrent operations and membranes.

W9 Products