KEOFITT® got you covered

KEOFITT® offers both single-use sampling bags and special items for the sampling environment.

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Sampling Bags/Bottles

This is where you find everything you need to complete your KEOFITT® sampling system:

The main products for this category is the unique single-use sampling bag systems allowing safe and aseptic sampling from any type of sampling valve. You can improve sample integrity and convenience immediately by using these products for existing sampling devices – whether they are KEOFITT® or not.


Being the world market’s only true specialist KEOFITT has developed the widest and deepest product range available for sampling of liquids in all industries.

To satisfy the specific demands from the different industries KEOFITT has introduced a various special items, such as:

Micro Port
provide an easy and hygienic solution for extracting liquid samples from a production batch using hypodermic needles or syringes.

Portable Steam Cleaning Unit
designed to provide steam for cleaning and disinfecting in sampling locations where a fixed steam supply is not available.

Carlsberg Flask vessel system
designed for the propagation of yeast cultures in a sterile environment and the transfer of the pure yeast culture under sterile conditions