Finally an upgrade from ordinary, non-hygienic sampling cocks, this valve is EHEDG certified to be CIP-able with process CIP. True to the Keofitt concept, it is available with various process and sample outlet connections with manual or pneumatic operation. If what you need is a simple process CIP-able sampling valve supported by EHEDG certification; choose Simplex!

Simple and hygienic sampling

The Keofitt Simplex Sampling Valve is our product category for process CIPable sampling valves for less demanding applications that require no separate inlet for sterilizing or sanitizing media.

This valve is designed for sampling of low or medium viscosity products in the range of 0-1,000 cP with particles less than 2 mm in diameter.

Simplex™ is used for for simple, hygienic sampling in all industries for products such as:


Unprocessed Milk


Fruit Juice

Available in manual and pneumatic versions this valve is offered complete as a valve body and valve head combination.

Choose from silicone, EPDM or PTFE membranes.

Complete Simple and hygienic sampling overview

Simplex Products