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Replace your ordinary, non-hygienic sampling cocks with the KEOFITT® Single-Port Sampling Valve. This valve is CIP-able with process CIP and still true to the KEOFITT® concept, as it is available with various process connections with manual or pneumatic operation.

The single solution

The KEOFITT® Single-Port W9™ sampling valve is our solution for CIP-able sampling from less demanding applications. If the BASIX™ does not cover your need due its smaller size, the 9mm outlet on the KEOFITT® Single-Port W9 will do the job. With the Classic W9-solution you have the added benefit of choosing products from a selected range within the Classic W9 product outline.

This valve is designed for sampling of products with a viscosity of 0-1000 cP with particles up to 3 mm in diameter.

The KEOFITT® Single-Port W9 valve is usable for simple, hygienic sampling in all industries for products such as:




Fruit juice

Available in many versions; choose your preferred type of head from our W9 product outline.

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