Being the world market’s only true specialist Keofitt has developed the widest and deepest product range available for sampling of liquids in all industries. To satisfy the specific demands from the different industries Keofitt has introduced a various special items, such as: Micro Port Portable Steam Cleaning Unit Carlsberg Flask vessel system

Micro Port

The Keofitt Micro Port is a re-sealing rubber septum designed to take samples using hypodermic needles or syringes with minimal risk of contamination. Designed for sampling low viscosity products in the range 0-50 cP.

The Keofitt Micro Port is easy to use and maintain, if needle sampling is required.

The Micro Ports are used in a range of business areas, such as brewery, dairy, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, with a wide range of products such as:


Medical solutions


Filtered Beer


Olive Oil

Available as a single septum or as a Multi Micro Port with seven septums.

Complete Micro Port overview

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